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Our first newsletter this year has a bit of a migration theme running through it; we have a platform migration guide to share with you, an article on how we’ve made migration (or transfer) of journal titles a lot easier, and a REST API use case interview which details how metadata is helping bring migration research in Europe under one roof.

We’ve also created a set of factsheets on our services, which we’ve linked below for you to download and read at your leisure.


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Resolutions 2019: Journal Title Transfers = Metadata Manager

When you thought about your resolutions for 2019, Crossref probably didn’t cross your mind—but, maybe it should have.

Last year we processed almost 60 journal transfer requests during the first part of the year. Unlike previous years, however, we now have a tool that gives members the control to transfer titles without any intervention from us. With just a few clicks, the disposing publisher themselves can transfer the journal to the acquiring publisher.

Learn how to transfer journal titles with Metadata Manager

How metadata is helping bring migration research in Europe under one roof

We recently had the pleasure of speaking to four researchers and developers who—as part of an initiative from IMISCOE—are working on a database of information all about migration. Using Crossref metadata, the database will provide access to publications, research projects, and datasets on migration drivers, as well as the infrastructures, flows, and policies on current and future migration questions including indicators and scenarios.

Now at the halfway point, Roland Hosner, Meike Palinkas, Bogdan Taut, and Nathan Levy tell us how their project is progressing.

Zen and the art of platform migration

If your organization is planning a platform migration, it’s important to think about what that means for the quality of your Crossref metadata before you start thinking about who your platform partners will be. To help with this process we’ve produced a platform migration guide that gives you all the information you need to get you through.

Top tips for a ‘mindful’ platform migration

Share more, get more—DOIs are just the beginning

Membership at Crossref begins with Content Registration. This allows you (as producers of scholarly content) to register and update metadata. Reference Linking is also an obligation of membership—enabling researchers to follow a link from your reference lists to other works.

But there’s plenty more to Crossref than this. Crossmark, Cited-by, Funder Registry—these are just three of the other services we have developed to help solve problems for the research communication community.

Read about all Crossref services in our new factsheets


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